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Are you failing to get the response you expect from you evaluation RFP? This 10 point checklist is for commissioners of evaluation to aid in developing and reviewing evaluation RFPs. It highlights 10 common perils to avoid when developing an evaluation RFP based on many... read more
Library Resource | Nov 15, 2017
Library Resource
Is the draft evaluation report that landed on your desk from your evaluation team exemplary, or not quite? Are you afraid you might have a “surrealist evaluation” that reports the “most insignificant change” through “mixed-up methods”?  Before moving on to utilizing your... read more
Library Resource | Nov 21, 2015
Library Resource
This webinar featured PPL, regional, and technical bureau representatives who have participated and led evaluation statement of work (SOW) peer reviews. They discussed good practices in conducting peer reviews and how to get the most out of the process, resulting in a... read more
Library Resource | Jun 3, 2014 | Technical Resources
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