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Learning is the intentional process of generating, capturing, sharing, and analyzing information and knowledge from a wide range of sources to inform decisions and adapt programs to be more effective.

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The Leaders in Learning series features thought leaders in organizational learning and knowledge management in the international development sector.
What does it mean to be a learning organization?

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Landscape Analysis of Learning Agendas: USAID/Washington and Beyond

05-08-2017 | By Laura Ahearn

M&E for Learning

04-03-2017 | By Jessica Z
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USAID's Self-Reliance Learning Agenda

05-07-2019 | By USAID LEARN
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Metrics and Data for Self-Reliance: Evidence From Honduras

Oct 20,2020
By: Dun Grover
This brief explores metrics and data from the perspective of the decision-making of public and private stakeholders in Honduras and their journey to self-reliance contributing evidence and learning from the USAID/Honduras Transforming Market Systems (TMS) Activity to JSR Learning Question # 3: How are countries, Missions, donors, imp...
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Democracy Is: A Democracy Day Conversation

Sep 25,2020
By: Learning Lab
On September 15, the DRG Center, in collaboration with the Legislative and Public Affairs Bureau hosted an event “Democracy Is: A Democracy Day Conversation” to commemorate the International Day of Democracy and the finale of the nine-month Democracy Is communications campaign. As an Agency, we support efforts to promot...

Three Insights on Activity Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Plans

Aug 26,2020
By: Monalisa Salib
Monalisa Salib is Social Impact's Sr. Director for Organizational Learning, USAID/LearnsUnder the USAID/Vietnam Learns contract, Social Impact recently updated its Activity Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Plan (AMELP). This exercise reinforced insights that we have long promoted with USAID and implementing partners (IPs) on AMELPs t...
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HICD Desk Review: Recommendations from HICD Program Evaluations and Reports

Aug 26,2020
By: Cydney_Gumann
These exploratory analyses draw from two loosely interconnected efforts:USAID’s Paper Series on Capacity and Capacity Strengthening, andA synthesis of recommendations from nine evaluations and final reports for Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) activities posted on USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse.The fir...
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Guide For Adopting Remote Monitoring Approaches During COVID-19

Jul 17,2020
By: Learning Lab
USAID maintains staff and operations in more than 80 countries around the world, all of which the COVID-19 pandemic will disrupt. USAID remains committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, while continuing appropriate oversight of our programs and ensuring the accountable and effective use of U.S. taxpayer funds.In the...
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MECap Final Report-2015-2020

Jul 13,2020
By: MECap
What was MECap?The Expanding Monitoring and Evaluation Capacities (MECap) task order was launched in Fiscal Year 2015 by the Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL) to provide technical assistance (TA) in Program Cycle implementation, including planning, designing, conducting, and using evidence from monitoring and evaluation data....
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Ma3an’s social network analysis: a wellspring of CLA

Jun 30,2020
By: Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig
Measuring CollaborationFor programs like USAID Ma3an, a recurring conundrum is how to measure concepts that are core to civil society projects. How do you quantify collaboration? How do measure resilience? FHI 360 staff had to tackle this difficulty head-on when they placed collaboration at the heart of their theory of change (TOC).T...
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Lessons from Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV) for COVID–19: A Reference Guide

Jun 25,2020
By: alejin90
This resource from the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank that references lessons relevant to COVID-19 response based on previous evaluations of WBG's work in the context of Fragility Conflict-Affected Situation See it here  or find it in our Covid Lessons Library at https://ieg.worldbankgroup.org/top...

How do I integrate CLA into my activity? Approaches from start to finish

Jun 24,2020
By: Sarah Schmidt
I’ve had the privilege to lead the USAID LEARN contract from start to finish. I was employee number one as Deputy and I’ll be the last one to leave as Chief of Party (COP).  As you might know, LEARN was designed to support USAID in becoming a better learning organization with the intent of creating a more effective developme...
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