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Processes are the management systems and practices around knowledge management, institutional memory and decision-making that can enable or hinder the ability to operationalize CLA.

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Tips for preserving institutional memory as staff come and go.
Managing knowledge can be cumbersome. This toolkit cluster can help.

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Managing Staff Transitions Through CLA: Preserving Institutional Memory as Staff Come and Go

02-22-2019 | By USAID Bureau for Policy Planning and Learning

Managing Knowledge

08-12-2019 | By Learning Lab
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Adapting Monitoring Systems During COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Jun 07,2021
By: Lamia Anwar Shama and Iqbal Ahmed
By March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had reached Bangladesh, and the offices of the Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock Productivity for Improved Nutrition Activity had closed. Staff worked remotely, and in-person trainings, surveys, and monitoring visits halted. Instead, the Activity activated other ways of continuing its standard activ...
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After Action Review Guide

Jun 04,2021
By: Learning Lab
This five-page resource, developed by UNICEF as part of their Knowledge Exchange Toolbox, provides an overview of after-action reviews (AARs).USAID recommends conducting AARs as an opportunity to "reflect on progress" of acheiving results related to strategies, activities, or other Program-Cycle related processes: "These opportunities can...

Introducing Learning Lab's June Theme: Knowledge Management!

Jun 01,2021
By: Learning Lab Team
The summer months at USAID are a period of transition. A cadre of Foreign Service Officers rotate to different placements around the globe. Fellowships like the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships begin or end, with those inducted into the ranks bringing, or leaving with, fresh perspectives. Staff take extended summer holidays ...
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Knowledge Management in the Era of COVID-19

May 18,2021
By: Learning Lab
On May 12, 2021, the Agency Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning (KMOL) Team at USAID hosted a conversation to discuss how development organizations are using KMOL to respond and adapt to COVID-19. The invited panelists included Kerry Albright (UNICEF Innocenti), Gabriela Keseberg Dávalos (Southern Voice), and Emily Janoch (C...
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Program Cycle Overview Online Module

Apr 13,2021
By: Learning Lab
The Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL) has released the Program Cycle Overview (PCO) module to reflect the updates for USAID's recently revised Automated Directives System (ADS) Chapter 201: Program Cycle Operational Policy.  Program Cycle Overview The Program Cycle is USAID's operational model for planning, del...
Program Cycle
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Good Practice Briefs on Organizational Learning from the Education Sector

Mar 23,2021
The USAID Center for Education within the Bureau for Development, Democracy and Innovation (DDI/EDU) advances the USAID Education Policy, which aims to achieve sustained, measurable improvements in learning outcomes and skills development. The Education Performance Improvement, Communications, and Knowledge (EPIC) contract was a five-year...
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Metrics and Data for Self-Reliance: Evidence From Honduras

Oct 20,2020
By: Dun Grover
This brief explores metrics and data from the perspective of the decision-making of public and private stakeholders in Honduras and their journey to self-reliance contributing evidence and learning from the USAID/Honduras Transforming Market Systems (TMS) Activity to JSR Learning Question # 3: How are countries, Missions, donors, imp...

So, you want to start a podcast?

Sep 08,2020
By: Amy Leo
Amy Leo was previously the human behind USAID Learning Lab. Now, she’s a Senior Adaptive Management Specialist with Acute Incite’s International Development Practice. This blog post was originally published on the Incites blog on August 26, 2020. In the USAID Learning Lab podcast studio. Credit: Amy Leo.If you work in c...

Balancing crisis response with sustainable impact: Seven questions to ensure learning, ethics and accountability amid Covid-19 and beyond

Jun 05,2020
By: Alysson Akiko Oakley
Crises bring many things to light: how prepared you are to respond and adapt quickly, how you apply lessons from past experiences while adopting new practices, how you manage uncertainty and more. All of this is a testament to our existing practices and attendant systems. How we respond also sets us on a path toward our future systems. Th...
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