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Community Contribution

How Are You Using CLA Approaches to Respond to COVID-19?

Apr 01, 2020
USAID Learning Lab

We are experiencing something that none of us expected. The context has shifted under our feet. The world has changed significantly. And yet, our development work must go on and be used to support families, communities, countries, and a world in crisis.

We invite you to share the ways in which you’re using Collaborating, Learning & Adapting (CLA) approaches to switch gears and be responsive to this global pandemic. Submit a blog about your experience - personal or professional - or simply write a response to this post below. (To add a blog, click here and select “Add a Blog” in the blue bar. To add a comment, you will need to become a Learning Lab member, which you can do here.)

Here are some reflection questions to get you thinking:

  • Who are you collaborating with that you weren’t before? How have your forms of collaboration shifted?
  • How are you being intentional about asking the right questions, getting the answers you need, and sharing that information with others to adapt programming? What does that look like for you in a rapidly evolving situation?
  • How have your personal and professional priorities shifted in light of the pandemic? What are you doing differently as a result?
  • How have you adapted programming to respond to the pandemic? Have you been able to? Why or why not?
  • What CLA tools and approaches are you finding most useful? How are you using them? To what end?

For some inspiration, here are some responses from our LEARN team:

  • I am rapidly learning how to use Zoom and other online tools for virtual meetings and facilitated experiences that need more advanced settings, such as virtual breakout rooms. - Monalisa
  • I am adapting scopes of work to prioritize COVID-19 learning needs. - Laura
  • I am taking walks while I’m on calls when I can to get fresh air and stroll around my neighborhood (safely!). - Kat
  • I’m adapting to my energy levels. For me, my day is no longer 8 straight hours of working like I was in the office. I’m working throughout the days and evenings, and taking longer breaks in between for my personal life.  - Monica K.
  • We are helping the client and our partner to rapidly learn and adapt, as they convert a planned TDY to online field support. This includes reassessing purpose, learning new technical tools and facilitation approaches, reimagining relationships and collaboration, scenario planning, and crowd-sourcing for innovation. - Eva

We look forward to hearing from you. Most importantly, we hope that you and your families are healthy and safe at this time.