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Developing an Evaluation IGCE

The Evaluation Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), is USAID’s estimate of the costs that an evaluation contractor may incur in performing the evaluation. As with all IGCEs, it serves as the basis for reserving funds during acquisition planning; it provides the basis for comparing costs or prices proposed by offerors/applicants; and it serves as an objective basis for determining price reasonableness in cases in which one Offeror/Applicant responds to a solicitation.

The Evaluation IGCE should be developed concurrently with the Evaluation SOW and should be available to those involved in the peer review of the SOW. The IGCE for an evaluation should follow directly from the information included in the SOW. For instance, the number and complexity of questions, along with the proposed data collection and analysis methods in the methodology section and the team composition requirements in the Evaluation SOW should all be reflected in the IGCE.

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