Training course on Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Microsoft Excel.

Event: Training course on Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Microsoft Excel.

Venue: Naivasha, Kenya

Event Date: 12th-14th June 2017.


Cost-benefit analysis is used by governments and other organizations to evaluate the desirability of a given policy or to justify the allocation of scarce financial resources to attain an established performance goal. Cost-benefit analysis also provides a portable, scalable model for organizing facts, assumptions, estimates, and findings in support of complex decisions. This course introduces concepts that are applicable to selecting optimal decisions through the use of trade-off analysis. In the course, financial and program staff, such as budget and program analysts as well as project managers and contracting personnel, will learn to conduct accurate cost-benefit analyses, thereby identifying choices that increase public welfare and improve efficiency.


3 days


This course is designed for individuals who want to understand and apply cost-benefit analysis to support decision-making in their organizations.


·         Select measurement(s) and measure all cost-benefit elements

·         Forecast cost and benefits over a relevant time period

·         Convert all costs and benefits into a common currency

·         Apply a discount rate

·         Calculate net present value of project net benefits

·         Perform sensitivity analysis

·         Evaluate alternatives and select the best value option based on costs and benefits

·         Incorporate risk (uncertainty) in calculating costs and benefits

·         Utilize Microsoft Excel tools to facilitate compilation and analysis of cost-benefit elements

·         Reference applicable OMB guidance and Executive Orders

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June 12, 2017 - June 14, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm




June 05, 2017



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