Webinar: Identifying Economies of Scale in Youth Workforce Development Programming

In an environment of growing scrutiny of donor-funded development activities, practitioners, including youth practitioners, must show evidence of the broader economic value of investments in workforce development. Using the USAID’s Local Enterprise Value-chain Enhancement (LEVE) project in Haiti as a case study, RTI International will share a framework to support implementers to better estimate, understand and demonstrate the economic impact of workforce development and economic growth programs on the larger economy.

Join Dr. Jared Woollacott as he walks us through the three steps that improved understanding of how jobs in the apparel sector are improving the livelihoods of apparel workers, their families, and other households in Haiti. Ms. Rachel Blum, Senior International Technical Advisor at EDC, will then provide unique insights from her tenure at USAID which included designing Haiti LEVE and discuss the broader applicability of the methodology across workforce interventions, including youth development.

  1. Framework for data collection and estimating impact of direct, indirect and induced jobs.
  2. Analysis to probe deeper into qualitative impact on beneficiaries, firms and economic competitiveness.
  3. Practical applications including evidence on counterfactual employment opportunities; multi-industry studies to compare economic impacts of different interventions, and in-depth suppliers and customer interviews to identify industry-dependent employment.
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August 23, 2017 - August 23, 2017
10:30 am - 11:30 am ET


August 23, 2017



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RTI International and Making Cents International

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