As facilitators, there may be times that you need to delete a resource or discussion from the working group space if its content is inappropriate, sensitive, or otherwise should not be shared on Learning Lab. Learning Lab is a public website and is not located within USAID’s firewall. Therefore, no Sensitive But Unclassified information (SBU) or Personally Identifiable Information (Social Security numbers, etc.) should be posted on the site.

First make sure that you're logged into Learning Lab and then find the page you wish to edit. When viewing a resource or discussion comment that you posted, you should see two tabs at the top – "View" and "Edit". Clicking on the "Edit" tab will allow you to make changes to the resource or discussion thread. Make the necessary changes and then click "Save" again. You can also delete the resource or discussion from the bottom of the edit screen if you wish.

When I write my paper I often publish it at once and then after some time I used to edit what I have completed but unfortunately on some sources option to edit entry is available only for some restricted period of time.
posted 2 years ago