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May 6, 2013 by  Comments (3)

Think back to high school science classes and you’ll likely remember keeping a lab notebook to track the steps, processes, inputs, and outcomes of experiments. You were asked to record objectives, assumptions, failures, and successes. Learning Lab’s newest site section, Lab Notes, is much the same. This is a place where the Learning Lab community can make note of new and interesting things you are discovering at the intersection of learning and development. Lab Notes are perfect for timely news, announcements, updates, and commentary on research, events, and issues related to learning approaches and tools.

Click on the “Add Lab Note” button on the Lab Notes landing page to share your news with the Learning Lab community. Don’t forget that this online community is designed to generate collective learning for the ultimate goal of increasing the relevance and sustainability of development programs. Therefore, Lab Note contributions are open to everyone—USAID staff, implementing partners, other donors, and all stakeholders interested in transforming development through learning, collaboration, and adaptation. We also encourage cross-posting relevant news and blogs from other sites—if you see something interesting, let the learning community here know about it! Have a thought on something another member has posted? Share your comments to encourage a robust discussion.

Another quick and easy way to share your thoughts is to post a Lab Update. You’ll notice the Updates section on the right side of the Lab Notes landing page. This is a space for brief announcements, comments, shout-outs, and kudos. Much like Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters, so feel free to use tweet-speak (if you are fluent). Read the FAQ to learn more about Updates.

Finally, keep your eye out as Learning Lab prepares to launch its new e-newsletter, Learning Matters. We will often pull Lab Notes to include in the newsletter, so we look forward to your contributions.

If you have any questions about Lab Notes, please contact the Learning Lab team.


Thank you for this opportunity to share on this great plat form through lab notes and updates. I wull truly maximise the use of  the sight and help provide insight on things i have  learnt working for the last 6 years on various USAID funded projects.

posted 6 years ago

Well, since this has a date two months in the future, I figure it is either a sign that you are ahead of your time or there is a glitch in the software.

posted 6 years ago

Definitely ahead of our time : )  Thanks for pointing out the error!

posted 6 years ago