Flexibility in program management is essential in all of the countries where USAID works. This is especially true in non-permissive environments (NPEs), where the ability to learn and adapt quickly to changing circumstances can help... read more
Aug 13, 2018
| Learning Lab
This blog synthesizes key discussion points from the Moving the Needle 2018 morning breakout session on local ownership. Similar to how the Agency is thinking about self-reliance, local ownership is defined by USAID as “the... read more
Aug 8, 2018
| Learning Lab
image of gears
Did you know that individuals who are curious, have growth mindsets and are able to empathize with their colleagues are generally better able to adapt to changing circumstances? Decades of scientific research show that individuals... read more
Aug 7, 2018
| Katherine Haugh
This blog synthesizes key discussion points from a Moving the Needle 2018 afternoon breakout session on local ownership. Time to Listen summarizes and analyzes the experiences of nearly 6,000 people in 20 aid-receiving countries,... read more
Aug 6, 2018
| Learning Lab
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We’re very pleased to announce the release of the Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Evidence Dashboard! The CLA Evidence Dashboard organizes all of the evidence about how and under what conditions CLA impacts... read more
Jul 24, 2018
| Learning Lab
The afternoon session of MTN’s Managing Adaptively track really epitomized why USAID holds the Moving the Needle event. “Adaptive Partnering: A Conversation with USAID” was a significant opportunity for more than 40 participants to... read more
Jul 19, 2018
| Jessica Ziegler
Leaders in Learning Graphic
In the Leaders in Learning series, we sought to address a number of key learning questions related to the value of systematic, intentional and resourced organizational learning and knowledge management to improved development... read more
Jul 17, 2018
| Learning Lab
Morgan Benson is a senior program associate at Results for Development, focusing on R4D's evaluation and adaptive learning approach. Lean testing is a method of rapidly experimenting with and validating new approaches, or evidence-... read more
Jul 16, 2018
| Morgan Benson
There were so many good sessions at this year’s Moving the Needle event that I know people had a hard time choosing, but those who joined us in one or both of the ‘Managing Adaptively’ breakouts were not disappointed. In the morning... read more
Jul 16, 2018
| Jessica Ziegler
Episode 6 of Leaders in Learning focuses on how organizations are integrating intentional learning into their day-to-day work. The three leaders contributing to this episode are: Karen Mokate, Chief of Knowledge Management at the... read more
Jul 10, 2018
| Learning Lab