Recently I had the opportunity to travel back to London, a city where I once lived.  And in addition to a few requisite smartphone pictures of monuments and historical buildings for my kids, I also brought back some heartening... read more
Oct 30, 2017
| Piers Bocock
Read this case summary to learn how DAI Global used a CLA approach to bring Cambodian civil society organizations (CSOs) and the technology community together to expand market opportunities for tech service providers and help CSOs... read more
Oct 26, 2017
| Learning Lab
Without good facilitation, organizational culture can be a thorny topic. In this collaborating, learning and adapting case study, USAID/Senegal describes how they used their Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results as a... read more
Oct 19, 2017
| Learning Lab
During the CLA Community of Practice's June virtual dialogue, panelists and community members shared experiences and  good practices for managing staff transitions. Below is a list of key recommendations that emerged, as well as a... read more
Oct 17, 2017
| Learning Lab
Behavior change is hard, especially when you're embedded in the kind of behavior you're trying to change. Read or listen to this case summary to learn how CARE used a CLA approach to transform gender relations in Mali. Development... read more
Oct 12, 2017
| Learning Lab
Photo: ECCN Webcast live event in Kinshasa at the USAID/DRC Mission. Credit: Alain Mukeba / USAID  Julie Polumbo is USAID/DRC's Education Program Advisor. On June 1, USAID/DRC and the Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN... read more
Sep 28, 2017
| Learning Lab
Ilana Shapiro, PhD, is a New Approaches Advisor and Monalisa Salib is an Organizational Learning and Research Manager on the USAID LEARN contract. One of our key hypotheses for why collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA)... read more
Sep 25, 2017
| Learning Lab
Melissa Patsalides is the Director of USAID/PPL's Office of Learning, Evaluation, and Research. A good part of my office’s work is about helping staff gather and act on quality evidence and evaluation in collaboration with partners... read more
Sep 18, 2017
| Learning Lab
This blog was cross-posted from Accountability Lab. Photo Credit: Kathleen Flynn. Learning is never easy, particularly in Liberia. The context can change rapidly, information can be difficult to collect and decision-making can be... read more
Sep 14, 2017
| Learning Lab
**Click here to access a recording of the announcement webinar on Tuesday, September 12th.** We were excited to receive exactly 100 submissions in the third-annual Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Case Competition, which was... read more
Sep 12, 2017
| Learning Lab