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This presentation was delivered at the 2017 ICT Challenge Fund Learning Workshop in Arusha, Tanzania by Jim Phillips (IBTCI). 
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This How-To Note supplements ADS . It provides an overview of what is required in a Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plan, and outlines practical steps for developing, maintaining, and using a Project MEL Plan.___This resource is part of the... read more
Library Resource | Jun 28, 2017
Library Resource
This cross walk document assists personnel who must complete a USAID Performance Indicator Reference Sheet (PIRS) when working with U.S. standard foreign assistance indicators. The following cross walk is intended to make the differences between the indicator reference... read more
Library Resource | May 30, 2017
Library Resource
This How-To Note supplements ADS It provides guidance about how to conduct a Data Quality Assessment (DQA) and promote high quality monitoring indicator data. The document explains what data require a DQA, when to do it, who is responsible, and five steps for how... read more
Library Resource | May 26, 2017
Library Resource
This ADS 201 Additional Help document provides guidance and best practices on how to disaggregate monitoring indicators, supplementing policy guidance in ADS It is intended primarily for use by Program Officers who make Mission-wide decisions about data... read more
Library Resource | Apr 3, 2017
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Performance Management Plans (PMPs) and Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plans must include performance indicators and supplemental information about each performance indicator. Activity MEL Plans typically also include performance indicators and... read more
Library Resource | Mar 24, 2017
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A Performance Management Plan (PMP) is a Mission-wide tool for planning and managing the process of (1) monitoring strategic progress, project performance, programmatic assumptions, and operational context; (2) evaluating performance and impact; and (3) learning and... read more
Library Resource | Mar 21, 2017
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This guidance is for USAID Staff Only and can only be accessed behind the USAID Firewall.The Performance Plan and Report (PPR) is an annual data call for performance information to all Operating Units (OUs) in the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the... read more
Library Resource | Dec 31, 1969
Library Resource
USAID strongly emphasizes the importance of capacity development to improve development results by increasing local ownership, sustainability, and partnerships with other local organizations, donors, the public sector, and other stakeholders. This Additional Help document... read more
Library Resource | Feb 17, 2017 | USAID Documents
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ADS 201 states that preliminary or illustrative performance or context indicator(s) must be included in the Results Framework Indicator Annex rather than in the Development Hypothesis or Results Framework sections of the CDCS.This optional template has been developed by... read more
Library Resource | Feb 14, 2017


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