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This paper examines two different approaches used to describe and analyse similar phenomena: ‘networks for learning’ and ‘communities of practice’. These approaches are both prevalent in the development discourse but they come from different traditions and strands of... read more
Library Resource | Aug 22, 2005 | Reference
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This paper compares conventional evaluations and evaluations for learning. Some notes are offered for commissioners of evaluations, and the paper concludes with some questions for development.
Library Resource | Oct 16, 2008 | Technical Resources
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This document outlines the SDC 's approach to evaluating knowlege management and institutional learning. The purpose of this evaluation is to render accountability by submitting SDC activities to independent assessment, and- to improve future SDC performance with regard to... read more
Library Resource | Feb 19, 2010 | Reference
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The IMARK e-learning course entitled "Management of Spatial Information" is now available in English.This course provides a comprehensive overview of the nature and characteristics of spatial data, how it can help improve the quality and scope of activities in... read more
Library Resource | Dec 31, 1969 | Reference
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This report discusses the impact of the National Health Plan in post-conflict Liberia. The report discusses the design of the health pool fund mechanism, assesses it functioning, compares the pooled fund to other aid mechanisms used in Liberia, and looks into the enabling... read more
Library Resource | Feb 1, 2012 | Lessons Learned
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This is a valuable resource on the evaluation of the KM and Institutional Learning (IL) at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). This evaluation presents major findings on the launching/deployment of the KM strategy, change management at the organization... read more
Library Resource | Apr 1, 2009 | Lessons Learned
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This presentation demonstrates a soup to nuts KM approach, from assessment stages and tools to performance indicators. Contains examples for missions on what can be tracked for learning and collaborating, as well as work culture, regarding knowledge sharing (see slides 5-8... read more
Library Resource | Sep 1, 2011 | Lessons Learned
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This document contains the agenda, facilitator guidance, summary of "big picture reflection," survey responses, and notes from an After-Action Review of a USAID/Uganda Partners Meeting held on November 8, 2011.
Library Resource | Nov 8, 2011 | Reference


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