Additional Help: Staff Roles and Responsibilities for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

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Date Published:
October 13, 2016
USAID Contribution
This content is currently under revision to align with the recently updated ADS 201.

For guidance and support associated with revisions to ADS 201, please see the Program Cycle overview page


Monitoring, evaluation, and learning throughout the Program Cycle involves staff at all levels at a Mission. The following guidance describes various roles and responsibilities involved in these practices. Each Mission should detail their staff functions, based on these roles and responsibilities, in their Mission's Monitoring Mission Order and Evaluation Mission Order (these documents can only be accessed behind the USAID Firewall). Comprehensive tables are provided at the end, showing program office and technical office roles and responsibilities side-by-side. This guidance supplements ADS, ADS, and ADS


This resource is part of the Monitoring Toolkit, Evaluation Toolkit, and CLA Toolkit.

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