ADS 201: Program Cycle Operational Policy - Fact Sheet

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Date Published:
December 8, 2016
USAID Contribution
The Program Cycle, codified in the Automated Directive Systems (ADS) 201 chapter, is USAID’s operational model for planning, delivering, assessing, and adapting development programming in a given region or country in order to achieve more effective and sustainable results to advance U.S. foreign policy.
The Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning (PPL) introduced the Program Cycle in 2011 as a framework to link together the fundamental components of the Agency’s programming:
  • Country/Regional Strategic Planning
  • Project Design & Implementation
  • Activity Design & Implementation
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Collaboration, Learning & Adapting
The Program Cycle policy was revised in 2016 to fully integrate these components into a more complete and coherent business model. Together with ADS 200, ADS 201 replaces ADS 200-203.