Blog Series: Organizational Learning Plans: The Why, What, and How

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Katherine Haugh and Monalisa Salib
Date Published:
October 5, 2021
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As organizational learning professionals, we have received a lot of questions over the years about what makes for a good organizational learning plan. We saw a lack of good resources on organizational learning plans, including publicly available organizational learning plans for others to learn from and adapt. This blog series is intended to fill that gap. In this series, we share our thoughts on what an organizational learning plan is, how to create one, and most importantly how to implement it so that what is in the plan actually gets done. 


This series was authored by Katherine Haugh and Monalisa Salib with inputs from: Alan Hudson, Raquel Rubio, Charlotte Ornemark, Nick Oatley, Cristine Geers, Nikki Zimmerman, and Johanna Morariu. Thank you!

You can find the links to the blogs below:




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