The Civil Society Innovation Initiative's Process Historian Approach to CLA

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Claire Daley, Komal Bazaz Smith
Date Published:
November 17, 2017
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In 2014, USAID and Sida launched the Civil Society Innovation Initiative (CSiI), to support new and established approaches to promote, strengthen, and connect a vibrant, pluralistic, and rights-based civil society. To date, CSiI has convened donors, implementers, and over 250 civil society actors to co-create one global and six regional civil society hubs. This case demonstrates the integration of CLA principles across the program cycle of a global, multi-donor initiative.

CLA Approach:
We piloted the Process Historian approach, which draws on a combination of CLA subcomponents, including CLA in Implementing Mechanisms, Knowledge Management, Pause & Reflect, and Continuous Learning and Improving.

- An interactive learning platform documenting a new model for regional and network initiatives for USAID.
- Leveraged funding for additional learning and capacity building to enable continuous learning and improvement.
- Increased and improved internal and external collaboration.

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