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March 15, 2013
Community Contribution

DataDyne's Magpi (formerly EpiSurveyor) is the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to collect data on mobile devices. As easy to set up as Facebook, and with both free and paid premium versions, Magpi (formerly EpiSurveyor) is the most widely used mobile data collection system in the international development sector, and is widely used in other sectors as well — with more than 15,000 users in more than 170 countries worldwide. Programmed and supported by DataDyne’s Kenya team, Magpi (rhymes with “sky”) is funded entirely by its paying users — a model for sustainability in development technology.  Those users include the World Bank, Abt Associates, John Snow Inc, the World Health Organization, MSH,  the Pan American Health Organization, Camfed International, TulaSalud, Children’s National Medical Center, the Smithsonian Institution, the International Federation of the Red Cross, and many other organizations and individuals.