DRG Impact Evaluation Reports

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Date Published:
March 2, 2018
Community Contribution

Two new DRG Impact Evaluation reports examine:

(1) USAID's Ghana Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) project: An impact evaluation of USAID's GSAM project, which aims to increase accountability of local District Assemblies in Ghana, tested the effect of two distinct efforts to increase accountability and improve service delivery outcomes at the district level. One-hundred and fifty of Ghana's districts were randomized into three groups: a top-down treatment group that received performance audits conducted by the central government Ghana Audit Service; a bottom-up treatment group that received civil-society organization led scorecard campaigns; and a control group that did not receive either intervention. 

The study finds that both CSO and audit programming are effective at increasing citizen awareness of poor performing district projects and services, that citizens correctly attribute negative audit performance to poor-performing district authorities, but that citizens awareness did not translate into substantial changes in how administrators or politicians manage projects or project budgets. 

(2) USAID's Niger Participatory and Responsive Governance (PRG) Project: To better understand how the USAID's PRG project may affect governance in Niger, the DRG Center and USAID/Niger funded an impact evaluation focuses on PRG's multi-stakeholder dialogues that will bring together community leaders, municipal and regional councilors, private sector actors, professionals and citizens to confer upon, design, and initiate Regional Development Plans and Communal Development Plans. The expectation is the multi-stakeholder dialogues will catalyze development and government responsiveness both in terms of process and outcomes. The evaluation employs a randomized design to test this theory of change. The baseline report provides an overview of the design of the impact evaluation as well as findings from a baseline household and community leader survey.