Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security: KM Assessment

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Fintrac Inc.
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February 29, 2016
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Image of Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security | Knowledge Management Assessment reportThe Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security project is a global support mechanism for Feed the Future focused and aligned Missions and other USAID offices and bureaus to address legal, institutional, and market constraints affecting food security.

The primary objective of this KM assessment is to identify the most effective ways to reach key audiences of food security enabling environment topics and foster the exchange of information and knowledge to inform the design of a KM implementation plan for the project. While not its original function, the assessment also established a collaborative, inclusive, and systematic foundation for approaching KM moving forward for USAID, the project, and other partners to engage and collaborate to improve the enabling environment for food security. The assessment team was led by Meaghan Murphy of Fintrac with support from independent consultant Mira Ibrisimovic.

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mtrujillo wrote:

Would the use of the CLA Maturity Index be applicable for a KM assessment like this?


posted 6 years ago
monalisa wrote:

Hi Maria,

After looking at this report and reading what kinds of questions they are answering here (what topics are of interest to stakeholders involved in improving the enabling environment for food security? How would they like to receive information? How would they use information? What platforms are people using to access information? etc.), I don't think the CLA Maturity Matrix would help them get answers to these detailed questions.

Going through the CLA Maturity Matrix  self-assessment process could, however, help an organization like BFS or otherwise identify key knowledge sharing priorities (in the case of this report, sharing knowledge about how to improve the enabling environment for food security with key stakeholders. Within our CLA framework and maturity matrix (see http://usaidlearninglab.org/lab-notes/exploring-cla-framework), this conversation could be generated by looking at matrix sub-components of technical evidence base (under learning), external collaboration (under collaborating), or knowledge cycle and sources (under processes). Then, that discussion generated by the CLA Maturity Matrix, would enable basic action planning. In this case, a first step could be a detailed assessment like this one that answers those key questions so that the team or organization could start better targeting their knowledge sharing efforts.

Hope that helps answer your question!


posted 6 years ago