Five Things Every Practitioner Should Know about M&E for Value Chain Projects

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Date Published:
July 31, 2012
USAID Contribution

In this brief, the GROOVE Learning Network presents lessons learned about effective M&E for value chain interventions. 

About the GROOVE Learning Network

The GROOVE Learning Network is a USAID-Supported initiative of the Knowledge Driven Microenterprise Development project. Since July 2009, four leading development agencies – CARE, CHF, Conservation International and Practical Action – have been implementing organizational change initiatives focused on institututionalizing the value chain approach which their programming. GROOVE emerged in order to enable these organizations to learn from each other, accelerating the rate of change within each individual institution while also generating lessons learned for the broader practitioner and donor community. This series of learning briefs reflects the summary outcomes of one of two shared GROOVE learning areas – monitoring and evaluation and mentoring for staff capacity building.

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