How-To Note: Engendering Evaluation at USAID

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Date Published:
October 1, 2016
USAID Contribution

This content is currently under revision to align with the recently updated ADS 201. For guidance and support associated with revisions to ADS 201, please see the Program Cycle overview page. 

 The purpose of this How-to Note is to describe key steps and good practices in engendering evaluations with the goal of assisting USAID staff to:
  • Design, manage, and participate in evaluations that reflect attention to gender issues;
  • Examine the extent to which USAID programs address gender issues and/or produce results that benefit people of both sexes; and
  • Assess whether addressing key gender gaps has resulted in better development outcomes.

This How-To Note supplements ADS 201, ADS 205, the Evaluation Policy, and the Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Policy.

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