Meta-Evaluation of Quality and Coverage of USAID Evaluations 2009-2012

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Molly Hageboeck, Micah Frumkin, Stephanie Monschein
Date Published:
August 30, 2013
USAID Contribution


This evaluation of evaluations, or meta-evaluation, was undertaken to assess the quality of USAID’s evaluation reports. The study builds on USAID’s practice of periodically examining evaluation quality to identify opportunities for improvement. It covers USAID evaluations completed between January 2009 and December 2012. During this four-year period, USAID launched an ambitious effort called USAID Forward, which aims to integrate all aspects of the Agency’s programming approach, including program and project evaluations, into a modern, evidence-based system for realizing development results. A key element of this initiative is USAID’s Evaluation Policy, released in January 2011.


The presentation on the meta-evaluation refers to 340 evaluations being scored on a 37 point checklist. Ten of the 37 checklist items used to creat an overall "score"

Is this dataset publicly available?

Can it be made publicly available and usable in digital/downloadable from from this website?

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