Ukraine's Economic Resilience Activity Employs CLA to Counter Russia's Aggression

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Farhad Ghaussy and Jacob Morrin
Date Published:
December 17, 2019
Community Contribution

USAID/Ukraine has employed numerous CLA approaches for its Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) which seeks to mitigate the impact of Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine. Operating in a volatile environment, with a shifting conflict line, changing U.S. priorities, and the specter of many large donor-funded projects in a small geographic space, the Mission inculcated CLA approaches into ERA’s project and activity design, procurement process, and contract language. As a result, ERA is a flexible and adaptive contract that will work in collaboration with other USAID activities and other donor programs. In addition, to incentivize the contractor to collaborate and adapt, ERA includes an award fee mechanism that requires the Mission to formally review, evaluate, and judge the contractor’s CLA performance -- that is, the contractor’s fee will depend (in part) on ERA’s adaptability and collaboration. Further, the Mission resourced its CLA approach by hiring a third-party M&E firm that will facilitate learning by providing independent and regular data that the Mission can use for its analysis of ERA indicators, outputs, outcomes, award fee assessments, mid-term and final evaluations. Overall, USAID has already seen significant impact of these CLA approaches on the contractor’s performance and the Mission’s ability to coordinate across offices.