Updated ADS 205 - USAID's Operational Guidance on Gender Integration

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Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning
Date Published:
August 8, 2017
USAID Contribution

ADS 205, a stand-alone ADS chapter on gender integration, was first released in 2013. This chapter articulated gender integration requirements across the Program Cycle and provided guidance on how to carry out these requirements, with a strong focus on how to conduct gender analyses at multiple levels. ADS 205 has just undergone a thorough revision and was re-launched in late April. The primary purpose of the revision was to harmonize this chapter with the recently released ADS 201 and with changes to the Gender Key Issues and standard indicators. Some new content was added as well.
This webinar, hosted by the Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning, focused on what is new in this ADS chapter and re-acquainting participants with gender integration requirements that remain unchanged.