USAID microRISK Alliance Learning Network Final Report

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Date Published:
February 15, 2010
USAID Contribution

This is the final report from the microRISK Alliance Learning Network.

As a natural extension of its transition to private capital agenda, USAID launched the MicroRISK Alliance, a public private partnership initiative that aimed to address risk mitigation and management issues of the microfinance industry. MicroRISK Alliance was an innovative partnership model that is designed to engage microfinance risk management practitioners in a collaborative learning process to document and share findings on the risks facing the microfinance industry and help identify effective and replicable risk management practices and innovations.  Combining its extensive experience of building public private alliances (GDA) and promoting knowledge management (microLINKS), USAID facilitated a platform whereby public and private institutions could collaborate to bring about organic and systematic solutions to the common risks that are facing the industry.  The Alliance aimed to avoid market fragmentation in the search for solutions and hoped to foster information sharing and inclusive discussions.

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