Webinar: Resources for monitoring during COVID-19

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June 22, 2020
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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact in countries around the world, and USAID and its partners are responding to the pandemic at home and abroad. As we respond, we continue to monitor, evaluate and learn from our programs in the changing operating environment. With limitations on travel, remote monitoring is even more critical. How can USAID and its partners draw on their experience with remote monitoring and scale up our efforts during this time?

This webinar, hosted by USAID's Global Development Lab and the Bureau for Policy Planning and Learning provided information on several useful remote monitoring resources, including a new guide and online collection. We also heard several examples of how USAID missions and partners are adapting their monitoring methods to the current environment. 


The resources/files are about the May 28 webinar, and not yet about the June 22 webinar. Hope the most recent files are forthcoming. Thank you.

posted 10 months ago

Hi, John. Since the June 24 webinar was internal, the resources will be posted on ProgramNet. The recording and slide deck are already there and the FAQs are forthcoming. 

posted 10 months ago