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We often default to the assumption that our programs will lead to greater positive change over time. The rate of change may be incremental, exponential, or something else, but it’s always positive. The reality of what change looks like, however, depends on the status of the system in which we’re intervening. Is the...
Community Contribution
| By Liz Ruedy
Recommendations for multilateral funding agencies to increase the use of forest monitoring tools across development sectors, as a matter of policy and practice to meet sustainability goals.
Community Contribution
Techniques for achieving results and tracking progress in the fluid and rapidly changing operating environment of authoritarian-ruled Belarus.
Community Contribution
The HICD Handbook was developed by the Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (EGAT) to help USAID integrate Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) into its development assistance programs.
USAID Contribution