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USAID requires all projects to address gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) as a crosscutting theme and regularly undergo rigorous GESI analysis and compliance evaluation. As part of project design, USAID calls for mandatory use of GESI Action Plan and reporting on it as one of the key project deliverables. USAID...
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Recently, the DRG Center presented the findings from six DRG Integration Case Studies (Ethiopia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Guatemala, Malawi and Nepal) to 50 representatives of key USAID offices, universities, and implementing partners. Now we present our Synthesis Report, which gathers all of the evidence and synthesizes lessons for the entire agency. Also included are Tip Sheets for Integrating DRG in the Field and Two-Pagers on each of the six Case Studies.
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This document provides readers with an overview of USAID's Education Strategy 2011 to 2015.
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