Do we need activity level M&E Plan for PIOs grant, field support mechanism, and multi donor trust fund.

Do we need activity level M&E plan for PIOs grant, field support mechanism and multi donor trust fund such ARTF or AITF here in Afghanistan. if yes is there any written documents, ADS if you could refrence it . thanks,


David Ratliff | United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Jan 22, 2016

Generally it's good practice to have an activity level M&E plan. Usually these are requirements in a contract or grant. You'll have to look at the language in the PIO to see whether or not it's required. If not, and you would like to have one, you'll have to negotiate with the partner or modify the PIO. I would recommend checking out the DEC to see if there are any other PIOs that you could look at to see if they have language you could steal.

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