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This pilot series explores the origins of CLA at USAID and features interviews with development practitioners using a CLA approach in their work.

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First, we look at learning at the project level. Listen as Nathan Morrow, an associate research professor at Tulane University and finalist in the 2016 CLA Case Competition, explains how a resilience project in Somalia is using data collected via mobile communication... read more
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We get a lot of requests for examples of what collaborating, learning and adapting looks like in practice. So in this episode, we’re zeroing in on the C in CLA, collaboration, with three case studies. In our first story, an ambitious Program Manager applies the principles... read more
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This is the pilot episode of the first USAID Learning Lab podcast series. Collaborating, learning, and adapting, or CLA, is an approach that recognizes the complexities of international development and empowers practitioners to use continuous learning and adaptation to... read more
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