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USAID implements its strategies and projects through activity design and implementation. An activity carries out an intervention or set of interventions, typically though an implementing mechanism such as a contract, assistance program, or partnership.

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The Program Cycle Learning Study

Apr 28,2020
By: Laura Ahearn
The Program Cycle Learning Study (PCLS) used a qualitative case study approach to provide a systematic and holistic understanding of how four Missions understand and implement the Program Cycle. The study offers examples of how Missions implement the Program Cycle on a day-to-day basis and provides evidence and insight into the effects of...
Program Cycle
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The Kachin Drug Epidemic: USAID/Myanmar's Systems Approach to Advancing Locally Led Development

Apr 17,2020
By: zpusch
This brief highlights USAID/Myanmar's locally led development approach to tackling the heroin epidemic in Kachin State, where local people say there is one drug user in every household. Through USAID's Local Works program, USAID/Myanmar is addressing this complex issue using the System-wide Collaborative Action for Liveliho...
Program Cycle
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Annotated Evidence Summary

Mar 24,2020
By: Katherine Haugh and Kate Heusler
The Annotated Evidence Summary tells the story of USAID's Development Innovations (DI) program that was implemented in Cambodia by Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) from 2013-2019. The Summary outlines the ways in which DI’s use of collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA) mindsets and practices contributed to its development...
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Countering Disinformation Programming Virtual Session

Nov 20,2019
By: The Center for Democracy
The spread of false or misleading information through digital and social media platforms exacerbates societal conflicts, pollutes information flows and civic discourse during political processes, may adversely impact physical and mental well-being, and in some of the most tragic cases, has been a factor to spinning up violent activity aro...
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When Governance is NOT Government:How Collaborative Governance Promotes Democracy and Transparency

Aug 21,2019
By: Rick O'Sullivan
Rick O'Sullivan provided a presentation at USAID around some findings on how best to support civil society, and key considerations that are often missed by donors. He challenged many assumptions that we typically hold around how civil society organizations can garner resources and for what, what is effective in their efforts to change soc...
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Success Breeds Success: A Case Study in CLA Implementation Across Activities

Aug 14,2019
By: Betsy Bassan
The USAID/Philippines Health Project (2017–2022) is a portfolio of 11 activities to improve the health of under-served Filipinos. Based on evidence from its 2016 Health Portfolio Evaluation and Project Appraisal Document, USAID/Philippines determined that it is uniquely positioned to strengthen its impact in critical health areas – su...
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Additional Help: Activity Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan Template

Jun 13,2019
By: SLazich
This content is currently under revision to align with the recently updated ADS 201.For guidance and support associated with revisions to ADS 201, please see the Program Cycle overview page.Each activity is required to have an Activity Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plan to support management of the activity and to inform USAI...
Program Cycle
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How-To Note: Planning and Conducting Site Visits

Jun 06,2019
By: Sharon Lazich
This content is currently under revision to align with the recently updated ADS 201.For guidance and support associated with revisions to ADS 201, please see the Program Cycle overview page. This How-To Note supplements USAID's Automated Directives System (ADS) It lists Agency requirements for programm...
Program Cycle
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Applications of Forest Monitoring Tools for Development Projects

May 28,2019
By: Lawrence Connell
Recommendations for multilateral funding agencies to increase the use of forest monitoring tools across development sectors, as a matter of policy and practice to meet sustainability goals.
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