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USAID implements its strategies and projects through activity design and implementation. An activity carries out an intervention or set of interventions, typically though an implementing mechanism such as a contract, assistance program, or partnership.

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Update Brownbag on Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI)

Feb 22,2019
By: Milica Panic
In the first week of 2018, USAID's Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance hosted an excellent presentation and discussion with Milica Panic, the chief of party of the Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI), implemented by DAI. LAVI is considered an archetype example of a program designed to think and w...
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Realtime Data for Adaptive Management: BRAMA Belarus

Feb 05,2019
By: djacobstein
This resource provides an overview of complementary techniques used to scan and understand the environment in the BRAMA Belarus program. BRAMA employs a comprehensive “environmental scanning” methodology that is comprised of a set of analytical tools to glean real-time data from a variety of sources that influences project decision ma...
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Improving Strategic Planning, Donor Coordination, and Leveraging through CLA

Dec 31,2018
By: David Hatch
USAID/Ukraine applied elements of the Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) framework and key concepts to strengthen strategic planning and donor coordination in Ukraine. The Ukraine collaborative mapping effort supports USAID/Ukraine in achieving the following objectives: 1) to assess and analyze the current donor landscape in Ukra...
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Learning From CRS’ Beneficiary Feedback Mechanism in the DRC

Dec 19,2018
By: Bruce Luaba
As part of its efforts to increase accountability to the people served through its projects, in 2016 CRS DRC put in place a nationwide, toll-free beneficiary feedback hotline through which participants could share their inputs, concerns and complaints on project activities. Initially trialed through five projects, the hotline has been a h...
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Learning to Adapt: Understanding Factors to Resilience Building in Malawi

Dec 14,2018
By: Tanner Roark
The Njira Project (Pathways to Sustainable Food Security) is a USAID-funded program designed to improve food security among vulnerable households in Balaka and Machinga districts in Southern Malawi through a layering approach of interventions meant to build resilience among participants. The participants in these two targeted districts fr...
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Pause, Reflect and Adapt: Using CLA to Adapt World Vision's Promotional Graduation Model

Dec 11,2018
By: Saeqah Kabir
World Vision’s food security, nutrition and resilience project, ‘Nobo Jatra/New Beginning’ in south west Bangladesh has a Promotional Graduation component with the goal to create pathways out of poverty for 14,000 ultra-poor women, split into two cohorts of 7,000 each. Promotional Graduation has a strong learning and evidence based ...
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Seafood Alliance for Legality & Traceability (SALT): An Effort in Collaboration & Learning

Dec 11,2018
By: Jenny Kane
The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT): Developed through a co-creation process to enable activity co-design on a global scale to build a knowledge sharing and learning platform -- modeling CLA throughout its implementation! Much of the world relies on fisheries for livelihood and nutrition. Illegal activities incl...
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Step by Step: Using Collaborative Approaches to Scale the UPTAKE Ladder

Dec 11,2018
By: Gakuo Stephanie
The Upscaling Technologies in Agriculture through Knowledge and Extension (UPTAKE Project) works to scale up the use of productivity-enhancing agricultural innovations amongst 1,000,000 small holder farmers in Tanzania. It employs wide reaching information and communication technologies (ICTs) particularly radio and SMS to reach farmers i...
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Collaboration for Self-reliance: How We Plan to Transition 399 Smiling Sun Clinics Into One

Nov 26,2018
By: Tariq Bin Azam
USAID/Bangladesh's first ever Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) on designing one of the flagship activities titled- ‘Advancing Universal Health Coverage (AUHC)’ demonstrates a set of exemplary practices of collaboration, learning and adaptation. This BAA is unique, not in the overall process, but because it has generated a solution that...
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