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Strategic collaboration, continuous learning, and adaptive management (CLA) connect all parts of the Program Cycle. Learning includes data from monitoring, portfolio reviews, stocktakings, research findings, evaluations, analyses, knowledge gained from experience and other sources.

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Ma3an’s social network analysis: a wellspring of CLA

Jun 30,2020
By: Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig
Measuring Collaboration For programs like USAID Ma3an, a recurring conundrum is how to measure concepts that are core to civil society projects. How do you quantify collaboration? How do measure resilience? FHI 360 staff had to tackle this difficulty head-on when they placed collaboration at the heart of their theory of change (...

How do I integrate CLA into my activity? Approaches from start to finish

Jun 24,2020
By: Sarah Schmidt
I’ve had the privilege to lead the USAID LEARN contract from start to finish. I was employee number one as Deputy and I’ll be the last one to leave as Chief of Party (COP).  As you might know, LEARN was designed to support USAID in becoming a better learning organization with the intent of creating a more effective developme...
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Learning Questions Tip Sheet

Jun 19,2020
By: Monica Matts & Lauren Hinthorne
This resource is intended for use by USAID staff or implementing partners as they develop or review learning questions during monitoring, evaluation or learning (MEL) planning processes. It complements the Learning Questions checklist and is geared toward strategy-level learning. The tip sheet includes examples and Do's and...


Jun 11,2020
By: Andie Procopio
ABOUTGraduating to Resilience (the Activity) is a USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP) funded Activity led by AVSI Foundation in partnership with IMPAQ International and Trickle Up, which seeks to test the Graduation Approach’s ability to graduate ultra-poor refugee and host community households (HHs) in Western Uganda from conditions o...
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A Commissioner's Guide to Probability Sampling for Surveys at USAID

Jun 05,2020
By: Julie Uwimana; Jennifer Kuzara
Sampling is the process of studying a subset of a population for the purposes of describing or testing questions about a whole population. At USAID, sampling may be used to collect data for baselines, evaluations (both impact evaluations and performance evaluations), assessments that require survey data, and in some cases in indicator rep...

Balancing crisis response with sustainable impact: Seven questions to ensure learning, ethics and accountability amid Covid-19 and beyond

Jun 05,2020
By: Alysson Akiko Oakley
Crises bring many things to light: how prepared you are to respond and adapt quickly, how you apply lessons from past experiences while adopting new practices, how you manage uncertainty and more. All of this is a testament to our existing practices and attendant systems. How we respond also sets us on a path toward our future systems. Th...

Coronavirus: The Unlikely Driver of CLA That No One Expected

Jun 01,2020
By: Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig
COVID-19 has brought many international development projects to a grinding halt. Initially, FHI 360’s USAID-funded Ma3an program was no different. Ma3an works with 33 Tunisian communities vulnerable to instability and violent extremism, implementing activities that promote social cohesion, resilience, and youth participation. When COVID...

Women Respond: A Glimpse of Women's First Hand Responses to COVID-19

May 28,2020
By: Diana Wu
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the world, with widespread global impact at unprecedented scale. There are more than 5.7 million reported COVID-19 cases world-wide, and it has been attributed to over 357,000 deaths, as of May 28, 2020. It is widely recognized that these numbers are both underreported and the impact of COVID-19 on...
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CLA Introduction Videos in Spanish

May 22,2020
By: Learning Lab
USAID Guatemala created these videos to introduce Mission staff and partners to the CLA framework, main concepts and definitions. The series of videos were part of a workshop on CLA conducted in 2017.
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