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Strategic collaboration, continuous learning, and adaptive management (CLA) connect all parts of the Program Cycle. Learning includes data from monitoring, portfolio reviews, stocktakings, research findings, evaluations, analyses, knowledge gained from experience and other sources.

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So, you want to start a podcast?

Sep 08,2020
By: Amy Leo
Amy Leo was previously the human behind USAID Learning Lab. Now, she’s a Senior Adaptive Management Specialist with Acute Incite’s International Development Practice. This blog post was originally published on the Incites blog on August 26, 2020. In the USAID Learning Lab podcast studio. Credit: Amy Leo.If you work in c...
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HICD Desk Review: Recommendations from HICD Program Evaluations and Reports

Aug 26,2020
By: Cydney_Gumann
These exploratory analyses draw from two loosely interconnected efforts:USAID’s Paper Series on Capacity and Capacity Strengthening, andA synthesis of recommendations from nine evaluations and final reports for Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) activities posted on USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse.The fir...
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A New Normal: Adapting our Approach to MERLA during COVID-19

Aug 12,2020
By: Molly Chen and Amal Mohammad
If you’d asked what we thought would be a “worst case scenario” for our work in monitoring, evaluation, research, learning & adapting (MERLA) before March of this year, we might have answered “data quality checks are not going well” or “it’s been tough to get a Learning Session scheduled for the whole team.” However, i...

Adapting to New COVID-19 Realities: Emerging Lessons Learned from Thinking and Working Politically in Niger

Aug 10,2020
By: Mehreen Farooq
Trust in public institutions is one of the most essential factors for effective public health crisis management and response. Activities designed to strengthen governance, particularly those that build confidence and foster deeper connections between the public sector and its constituents, are central to this effort. As public opinion shi...
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World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Aug 05,2020
By: Learning Lab
USAID's Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance / Counter-Trafficking in Persons (C-TIP) hosted the World Day against Trafficking in Persons event on Thursday, July 30 to bring awareness to the global criminal enterprise of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and forced labor. The session...

Reflecting to Adapt: A framework for understanding and responding to COVID-19’s disruptions in the DRG sector

Jul 23,2020
By: Natalie Trisilla
COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of life – and the design and implementation of democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) programs is no exception.  In the early phase of the pandemic, the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Evidence and Learning Practice recognized that a collaborative process would be critical to r...

Ma3an’s social network analysis: a wellspring of CLA

Jun 30,2020
By: Rafael Pilliard-Hellwig
Measuring CollaborationFor programs like USAID Ma3an, a recurring conundrum is how to measure concepts that are core to civil society projects. How do you quantify collaboration? How do measure resilience? FHI 360 staff had to tackle this difficulty head-on when they placed collaboration at the heart of their theory of change (TOC).T...

How do I integrate CLA into my activity? Approaches from start to finish

Jun 24,2020
By: Sarah Schmidt
I’ve had the privilege to lead the USAID LEARN contract from start to finish. I was employee number one as Deputy and I’ll be the last one to leave as Chief of Party (COP).  As you might know, LEARN was designed to support USAID in becoming a better learning organization with the intent of creating a more effective developme...
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Learning Questions Tip Sheet

Jun 19,2020
By: Monica Matts & Lauren Hinthorne
This resource is intended for use by USAID staff or implementing partners as they develop or review learning questions during monitoring, evaluation or learning (MEL) planning processes. It complements the Learning Questions checklist and is geared toward strategy-level learning. The tip sheet includes examples and Do's and...
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