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Strategic planning is the process by which USAID defines its objectives in a country or region to maximize the impact of the Agency’s development work. This process requires cooperation with partner governments, other donors and the interagency. USAID strategic planning advances U.S. foreign policy and development priorities and ensures the strategic use of resources.

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Vulnerability to Resilience: A Training Module

Jul 11,2018
By: Anna Snider
We tend to think about poor people in a one-dimensional way (poor people are poor because they don’t have money), which results in program interventions that address only the financial needs of people but do not improve their resilience. This lesson encourages reflection about one’s own assets, both tangible and intangible, and the vu...
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Thinking and Working Politically (TWP) through Applied Political Economy Analysis (PEA): Core Resource Documents

Jun 01,2018
By: Sarah Swift
Thinking and Working Politically: A Guide for Practitioners provides an overview of the process and methodology for applied PEA in use within USAID, and guidance on how PEA can support a broader effort around politically-informed programming. This group of resource documents is intended to accompany the Guide, in helping to...
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Kosovo Political Economy Analysis

Mar 15,2018
By: djacobstein
The Political Economy Analysis of Kosovo explicates key trends and identifies opportunities and challenges to needed reforms. Section II discusses the methodology of the report. Section III provides findings on current foundational factors, rules of the game, here and now, and dynamics. The final section presents the conclusions.As Kosovo...
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Integration for Maximum Results

Nov 27,2017
By: Anastasia Buyanova
USAID/Honduras is using CLA for its integration approach under Development Objective 2 (DO2) “Extreme poverty sustainably reduced for vulnerable populations in western Honduras,” of the USAID/Honduras Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS). USAID/Honduras' CDCS was approved in December 2014 and focused interventions into two ...
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Adaptive Management at the Strategy Level: Portfolio Reviews and Mid Course Stocktaking

Nov 15,2017
By: jenromba
On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. EST, the Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL) held a one-hour webinar exploring Strategy-level Portfolio Reviews and Mid Course Stocktaking.This fall, PPL will release How-To-Notes on Strategy-level Portfolio Reviews and Mid-Course Stocktaking that presents guidelines and recommended ...
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How-To Note: CDCS Mid-Course Stocktaking

Nov 14,2017
The Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) Mid-Course Stocktaking How-To Note provides guidance on planning and conducting a mid-course stocktaking. The process described in the note can also be adapted to a Regional Development Cooperation Strategy (RDCS) or other types of strategies and operational frameworks. ADS 201 requ...
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How-To Note: Strategy-Level Portfolio Review

Oct 12,2017
By: USAID Bureau for Policy
This How-To Note supplements ADS It presents guidelines and recommended practices in planning and implementing a mission-wide strategy-level portfolio review. These guidelines and practices can also be adapted for Washington based Operating Unit portfolio reviews as well as project- and activity-level reviews conducted by Miss...
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Global Innovation Week: Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Sep 08,2017
By: Learning Lab
Throughout the 2017 Global Innovation Week, you’ll explore how the best ideas, innovations, and technologies are changing the way the U.S. Government, business and philanthropy work together. Leading innovators, industry experts, researchers, and scientists will showcase the latest thinking around innovation in government, global health...
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USAID/Jordan Health Office's Joint Work Plan: Driving Portfolio-Wide Coordination

Aug 29,2017
By: Nicholas Kaufman
Jordan is a small yet highly pressurized country under strain from a mounting Syrian refugee and humanitarian crisis. Jordan now hosts the world’s fifth-largest refugee population. In response to this situation, USAID Jordan’s Office of Population and Family Health (PFH) has dramatically expanded and realigned its program over the pas...
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