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Independent from Sudan since 2011 following the longest civil war in Africa (1983-2005), South Sudan has been embroiled in recurrent conflicts for much of its short history. Recognizing the spread of vulnerability and the erosion of coping capacity across South Sudan, there... read more
Library Resource | Dec 11, 2019 | Case Study
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USAID operates in a politically, economically and socially complex environment in South Sudan. The outbreak of civil war in 2013 and widespread violence and armed conflict in 2016 has made development work in the country even more difficult. By the end of 2018, four and a... read more
Library Resource | Nov 27, 2019 | Case Study
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“Why is it important for people to have a radio, even if they may have access to other forms of media? What do they choose to listen to, and how does this information affect their daily lives? How do you design a radio distribution to maximize information access for a... read more
Development Challenge: South Sudan is suffering from economic collapse and a man-made famine which has displaced over one-third of the population. Promoting Resilience through Ongoing Participatory Engagement and Learning (PROPEL) was launched in September 2015 to place a... read more
Blog | Dec 11, 2017 | Learning Lab | 2017 Winners
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