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Community Contribution

CLA Case Analysis Deep Dive: Zambia's Community-Led Total Sanitation Program

Laura Ahearn

As part of its efforts to advance understanding about the effects and effectiveness of collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) in improving development outcomes, LEARN will conduct an in-depth review and comparison of two cases selected from the 2015 and 2016 CLA case competitions. The study is designed to offer more detailed, contextualized information about CLA approaches in specific technical sectors, as well as a cross-case analysis of the strengths and limitations, factors influencing success, long-term effects, and lessons learned within and across these efforts. Building on the successes of the CLA case competitions, this study will act as a one- to two-year post-competition follow-up that examines the long(er)-term effects of these projects. In addition, through an analysis of case-relevant documents (e.g., project evaluations and reports) and key stakeholder interviews, the study will supplement and triangulate the self-reports of original case submissions to verify claims.

This deep dive analysis explores Zambia’s Community-Led Total Sanitation Program, implemented by Akros.

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