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Good Practice Briefs on Organizational Learning from the Education Sector


The USAID Center for Education within the Bureau for Development, Democracy and Innovation (DDI/EDU) advances the USAID Education Policy, which aims to achieve sustained, measurable improvements in learning outcomes and skills development. The Education Performance Improvement, Communications, and Knowledge (EPIC) contract was a five-year activity of support services implemented by Training Resources Group, along with subcontractors Forum One, Social Solutions International, and Making Cents International. 

EPIC supported DDI/EDU through implementation of four mutually reinforcing workstreams, including organizational effectiveness (OE), knowledge management (KM), professional development (PD), and engagement, communications, and partnerships (ECP). Together these workstreams were intended to improve education sector programming, measurement, and management support for DDI/EDU. 

This set of briefs captures good practices, outcomes, lessons learned, and key success factors central to EPIC's support to DDI/EDU.

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