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USAID Contribution

New Learning on Agricultural Finance and Food Security



The SEEP Practitioner Learning Program (PLP) on Rural and Agricultural Finance and Food Security (RAFFS) is an action learning project that focused on approaches to, and the interconnection of, rural and agricultural finance and household well-being, including food security. The PLP is funded by USAID through the AED FIELD-Support mechanism. The envisioned impact of this PLP is that rural households and enterprises will have increasing options for finance that serve their needs and contribute to a vibrant rural economy both on and off the farm, ultimately improving the standard of living for rural households. The culmination of the lessons learned during the PLP are being documented in five e-learning products produced by SEEP that are now available online. These include:

  • An online blog documenting the contributions that village savings and loan associations (VSLAs) make to household food security.
  • A screencast that examines the impact of customized loan products for animal husbandry activities on the food security of rural clients.
  • A short video documenting the effect that value-added services have on food security for rural households in southern India.
  • An online case examining the impact of warehouse receipts programs on agricultural value chains and food security in India.
  • A podcast discussing the benefits of a loan guarantee financial product for rural livestock traders, and the impact it can have on their food security.

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