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PIVOT Cohort Competencies, Practice Statements and Sub-Practices

The PIVOT: Practical, InnoVative, On-the-Job Training theory of change posits that staff must exhibit skills in three areas of capacity — PSE, CLA, and leadership for change management — to successfully foster a PSE orientation within their Missions to address development challenges.

The PIVOT program focuses on building staff competencies by integrating PSE, CLA, and leadership skills. Each of the five competencies is broken down into the relevant Practices Statements for PSE, CLA and leadership development that cohort members should master or exhibit to be proficient in creating the change in their mission to work effectively in the PSE. Under each PSE, CLA or leadership Practice Statement there is a collection of more particular Sub-Practice Statements to master. At this granularity, cohort members can identify strengths in their existing capacity as well as determine where they should focus their professional development and capacity development efforts and investments.

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