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Post Activity Reviews: A Means to Ensuring Impactful Development Interventions

Esther Banyenzaki Kalanzi

Post Activity Reviews (PARs) are one of the most efficient and effective tools used to keep any project/program relevant. There are so many changes, some planned and others unplanned, that take place from the time a project proposal is written to the time it gets funding and throughout the lifespan of the project. It is therefore extremely important for any project to make deliberate poses and if necessary stops, to reflect and determine whether the project is still on course or not. Either way, it is important to reflect and acknowledge what is facilitating the project to be on course and/or what could be derailing it.

Unless the project makes these deliberate poses and stops, it cannot really measure its relevance. Circumstances caused by climate change, conflict and civil strife, change of governments, changes in the economy, disease outbreak, refugee influx and others, which were not foreseen happen without warning. When this occurs, it is absolutely necessary to stop and reflect on how the project can continue operating in the respective changing environment. Because this environment definitely impacts on how the project is being implemented.

Even when the project/program is operating within a relatively stable environment, it is important to pose and reflect after implementation of some activities in order to keep it focused on the agreed results. These reflection moments also give opportunities to acknowledge innovations, adopt new ideas, build and strengthen networks, all of which result in a lively and enriched project/program.

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