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Tech Enabled Hate Speech Webinar

Civil Society and Media Division, The Center for Democracy Human Rights and Governance

The spread of hate speech and false or misleading information through digital and social media platforms exacerbates societal conflicts, pollutes information flows and civic discourse during political processes, may adversely impact physical and mental well-being, and in some of the most tragic cases, has been a factor to spinning up violent activity around the world. 

Join us and our partners (USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives and Article19) in a discussion on how to counter disinformation efforts and support independent journalism through improving the signals that drive decision-making in online platforms and moderate/censor content. We will highlight the Agency’s experimental work to counter tech-enabled hate speech under the ‘Advancing Integrity in Media’ Broad Agency Announcement and practical implications for programming in this domain.

Click on the resource links to the right to view the session recording and/or access the transcript.

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