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USAID/Kosovo Award Fee Contract Case Study


USAID/Kosovo recently awarded a $11.9 million, 5-year Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF) type contract for an Office of Democracy and Governance Activity. USAID/Kosovo theorizes that a CPAF will improve the Activity’s development outcomes by leveraging the award fee to spur better contractor performance and foster stronger communication between USAID, the contractor, and Kosovo government stakeholders. To support USAID's learning agenda, USAID/Kosovo teamed with the Global Development Lab to write a case study on the process. We plan to add an addendum to the case study after the first award fee evaluation in July 2017 to continue to share practical learning about the CPAF. For questions about USAID/Kosovo's process and how the current processes are working, please contact Michael Capobianco, Contracting Officer USAID/Kosovo, at [email protected] or Ethan Takahashi, Contracting Officer Global Development Lab, at [email protected].

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