Plan a Stocktaking at Your Mission

For USAID Missions, a mid-course stocktaking is an important moment during the life of it’s strategy to pause and reflect on the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) and look ahead to the future. This module supports the team planning the mid-course stocktaking. It is designed for you to learn together as a team as well as plan the actual stocktaking experience at the Mission.

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Who should take this course? This module is designed to support USAID staff at a Mission who are part of the planning team for a stocktaking. This should include a diverse set of staff from the program office and technical teams, as well as front office and support office personnel as deemed appropriate. We recommend that the planning team engage in this “learning by doing” experience as a group.

What is the “learning by doing” approach? The module guides you step-by-step through a process to plan for a stocktaking. It is designed to help you learn as you go, rather than deliver all of the information at once and then ask you to apply it. And since planning the stocktaking is done as a team so is the learning and planning. At each step, you are asked to discuss how to apply what is learned to your specific country context and then complete a task in the Stocktaking Worksheet. The completed the Stocktaking Worksheet results in a plan that you and your team can use to conduct a stocktaking and follow up on the results of the stocktaking.

How long does it take? The pace at which you complete this module (and plan the stocktaking) is up to you. Your team can meet as a group and follow along together. Or you can complete the online portions individually and schedule a time to meet as a group to complete the discussion and worksheet activities. Bear in mind that preparing for and designing a stocktaking experience typically takes a minimum of eight weeks. If your team were to meet weekly to work through all the content together, here is a schedule you might follow.

Get additional feedback Completing this module as a group will offer the opportunity for ongoing peer feedback as you plan for a stocktaking. For more immediate feedback, you may consider using the Stocktaking Rubric as a guide to review your own work upon completion of each Stocktaking Worksheet activity. You may also want to invite a trusted advisor to use these tools to facilitate feedback sessions with the planning team. This could be done each week you meet or as a feedback session upon completion of the entire worksheet. It depends how frequently your team feels this will be helpful.

And finally, you can always consult USAID/Washington at for guidance and feedback, or to ask questions, at any step of the process.