CLA Community of Practice

About the Group

The Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Community of Practice is a collaborative space where USAID missions and partners are jointly moving forward in integrating into programs a strong and systematic emphasis on coordinating and collaborating, sharing knowledge and learning, and adapting iteratively for maximum effectiveness. Members ask questions, share their experiences and receive guidance around developing and integrating CLA in their programs.

CLA is a conceptual framework for some principles and operational processes to ensure that progress toward development objectives is guided by continuous learning (through analysis of a wide variety of information sources and knowledge, including M&E data, innovations and new learning that bring to light new best practices or call into question received wisdom, and collected observations from those who have particularly deep or unique insight in a given area, and iterative adaptation of program implementation and, where relevant, strategy. Integrating CLA into programs enables USAID to become a more effective learning organization and thereby a more effective development organization, facilitating local participation and capacity and promoting country-led development.

We encourage you to view the draft USAID Learning Guide, as this resource is the most developed operational guide to the CLA Framework and how it can be applied in field programs. We hope that you will offer your thoughts on the Learning Guide and its contents by logging into Learning Lab and posting your comments on the Learning Guide library page. Comments are monitored by USAID and any questions you may have will be answered promptly. By posting comments, this allows USAID to improve this resource and prompts valuable discussion with others.

Welcome to the CLA collaborative space!