CLA Maturity Tool Facilitators

The CLA Maturity Tool is a set of easy-to-use cards that offers illustrative examples of what collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) looks like at different stages of maturity. The purpose of this tool is to help users think more deliberately about how to tailor their CLA approach to fit their mission’s context and needs. USAID staff can use this customizable deck of cards within missions, as well as with implementing partners (IPs), to both assess current practice and plan for incremental improvements in CLA practices.

This is a space for Matrix facilitators to:

  • Access the most current facilitation resources
  • Share their experiences using the tool to help one another
  • Ask questions about facilitation processes and get answers from the group
  • Provide PPL and LEARN with feedback on the tool and related facilitation resources so that we can continue to improve them