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2 years ago
New free online training and coaching program on how to improve health care in developing countries. Learn and apply effective approaches and tools in your project or organization. Click here:
byElvira Beracochea
3 years ago
Greetings everyone! I have served as training consultant on the USAID funded Sustainable Mechanism for Improving Livelihoods and Household Empowerment (SMILE) Project, in Nigeria. I have few years of experience teaching, research, and training. I look forward to learning new ways to be a better trainer through participation on this platform. Thanks
byNathaniel Awuapila
3 years ago
I'm passionate about social inclusion and resilience building Experienced in Program Management, Risk Management, Food Securities
byKenechukwu Onukwube
4 years ago
K4Health’s How to Hold a Successful Share Fair guide has been updated and now includes lessons learned and experiences from the Regional Share Fair held in Tanzania in April 2016. How to Hold a Successful Share Fair is an essential reference tool for anyone who works in public health or international development and wants to bring together a gro
byJarret Cassaniti
5 years ago
How does Citizen Engagement be effective in Electoral Violence in African? A case study for Sierra Leone 2018 elections.
byAlhassan Sesay
5 years ago
Does anyone have examples of USAID or other organizations that have conducted effective scenario or situational-based training?
byDavid Ratliff
5 years ago
I am impressed by the need to involve local partners and intergrating them through colaborations, my question is what can you do ensure that the local partners are not exploited in the disguise of par...See More
bySolomon Mbubi
5 years ago
I would like to be part of this group, to learn and share my experience
bySolomon Mbubi
5 years ago
This will be a good platform for sharing experince
byMwesi Yosia Habagaya