USAID Knowledge Management Reference Group

The KMRG 2016 Strategy:

The KMRG launched two new initiatives in 2015:

  1. a Knowledge Management Reference Group working group space on Learning Lab
  2. a Pilot Peer Assist Series

The new initiatives are part of the KMRG’s strategic plan to fulfill our scope and vision, which can be found here.  

Based on the results of our mid-point survey and end-of-year After Action Review KMRG meeting, we received overwhelming feedback to continue the new initiatives!  

KMRG working group space on Learning Lab 

The KMRG continues to rely on an in-person format, however, the use of a virtual supplement allows members to remain engaged between meetings.  

KMRG Peer Assists

The KMRG Peer Assists are no longer a Pilot Series, they are now a permanent feature of the KMRG! 

So, what is a peer assist?  Check out these overview materials.

The First Peer Assist in our Pilot Series was held on Tuesday, July 28th, from 1-2pm.  The role of guest facilitation was filled by Bureau for Food Security’s Zachary Baquet, Knowledge Management Advisor, and Julie MacCartee, Knowledge Management Specialist.  The role of challenge presenter was filled by Global Health’s Diana Harper, Senior Evaluation and Program Advisor.

The Second Peer Assist in our Pilot Series was held on Wednesday, September 2nd, from 9-10am.  The role of guest facilitation was filled by Wade Channell, Senior Economic Growth Advisor for the Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. The role of challenge presenter was filled by Annaliese Limb, Senior Youth and HIV Advisor from USAID's Global Health Bureau and Rachel Golberg, Youth and Culture Advisor from USAID’s Bureau for the Middle East, to represent USAID’s Intra-Agency YouthCorps group.

Participation for Peer Assists is always capped at 15, so registration is required.  A webinar is not conducted. Escorts for non-USAID staff is made available. 

Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a guest facilitator or challenge presenter at a future Peer Assist.  To learn more, read about the processes.

2016 Calendar  

On January 8th we made a call for Peer Assist ideas for 2016.  However, we will also continue to consider Peer Assist ideas on a rolling basis.  If you would like to present a challenge, please send a completed Peer Assist Scoping Questionnaire to [email protected]  

Our large Quarterly KMRG meetings are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each quarter, from 9:30-10:30am in the Nelson Mandela room of the Ronald Reagan Building.

The dates are:

March 30*

Our March 30th meeting will occur from 10am-11am at 1299 Penn Ave NW.  Registration is required.

June 22

September 28

December 14