USAID/Tanzania Iringa Integrated Activity Hub

Vision: Households living in target District (Kilolo) have the information (what is available), knowledge (how the service will assist), and wherewithal necessary (ability to access) to make choices about the services they need/want to improve (economic and health) their lives, and these decisions are supported by actual delivery of services by USAID/Tanzania implementing partners (IPs), local government authorities (LGAs), and other non-state actors (local/international nongovernmental organizations [NGOs] and the private sector).

The IIAH is an effort to continue integrating a subset of USAID/Tanzania activities within DO 1, 2, and 3 that are all being implemented to deliver results in Iringa region in support of the USAID/Tanzania CDCS goal (Phase 2) beginning with DO 2 (Phase 1). The IIAH will bring together activities that have been largely managed in isolation by sector by the Mission’s Technical Offices with limited coordination or collaboration between actors. It will build on earlier efforts and develop a methodology for better coordination to enhance mutually reinforcing development results in the region, starting in a particular district, i.e., Kilolo.  The IIAH will provide a platform to test how direct engagement (led by USAID Staff) in integration across sectors in Iringa can generate stronger, more holistic, and sustainable results for Tanzanians.  It will also help to identify successful approaches and tools to strengthen regional and local government’s coordination of IPs and other non-state actors and to enhance collaboration among USAID/Tanzania-supported activities.  This stronger government engagement is expected to improve the performance of government systems by transferring IIAH lessons on improved practices for integrating into LGA plans and budgets, resulting in greater development impact.  The IIAH will also bring into focus how USAID/Tanzania support builds capabilities of local partners among civil society and private sector businesses and associations.