How to create a podcast?
We're looking to improve communication and learning across the Mission by using podcasts and videos. How have other missions used these tools? And what resources have you found helpful in creating podcasts / videos for mission learning?


Amy Leo | Dexis Consulting Group
Nov 1, 2018

For the USAID Learning Lab podcast, we used a free open-source program called Audacity for recording and editing. The episodes are hosted on a free service called SoundCloud.

Our team has also listened to podcasts (our own and others) during team meetings to prompt discussion about our team culture and how we work together.

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In Mexico we have created webinars for our implementing partners and host live sessions. These webinars also get recorded for future use. To date we have recorded two: one on B&M and another on M&E. 

So far, the feedback has been positive but have no way of knowing whether our implementing partners actually learned something, 

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