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Are we working in an organizational environment that supports our collaborating, learning, and adapting efforts? Culture is continually communicated, reinforced, and changed through encouragement or discouragement of specific practices and behaviors. The health of the culture shapes the team or organization’s capacity to solve problems and innovate, engage in CLA practices, and create a positive enabling environment for its employees.

Guidance and Tools

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What is the Role of Formal and Informal Leadership in Organizational Learning? — This episode in the Leaders in Learning series dives into a critical question: What is the role of formal and informal leadership in creating a learning organization? This episode builds on previous episodes in connecting components of leadership and effective learning organizations.

Staying Curious, Together: How to Create a Learning Culture — This episode of From the Inside Out defines what a learning culture means, discusses the key ingredients to its success, and explores research examining the relationship between CLA and staff satisfaction and empowerment at USAID.